Challenge Course

Our challenge course is one of the best in the PNW!

Lutherwood’s Challenge Course provides opportunities for participants to develop and redefine their personal and group framework in hopes of creating healthier communities. We intentionally focus on attributes such as problem solving, goal setting, teamwork, communication, and leadership skills.

The Lutherwood Challenge Course is separated in to three categories.

Portable: Price varies based on driving distance and group needs

These are low-ropes elements that can be transported to any given location to be approached as a team.

Low-Ropes: $20/person for two hours

These are permanent structures located around the Lutherwood property to be approached as a team.

High Ropes: $30/person for two hours

These are permanent structures that require the participants to be harnessed in as they are up to 40 feet above the ground. At Lutherwood we have two climbing walls, a vertical play pen, hub and spoke, and a 200ft zipline.

Combined low and high ropes:  $40/person for 2 hours of low ropes and 2 hours of high ropes

This is recommended for most groups as low ropes helps build your team’s confidence and brings them together as a group    before really bringing you out of your comfort zone on the high course.  Contact our challenge course manager at so that we can tailor the schedule to meet the needs of your group.

As each group is unique we try and create an experience that will meet objectives of the individual, group, and organization. Our facilitation staff works hard to create a fun and safe environment. This in turn allows participants to build trust and overcome barriers. In addition to this, the group creates a contract to support one another.

We would love to work with you to set up a transformational experience for your group. Our course is a great addition to any retreat at Lutherwood or as a stand alone event. To book your group for an unforgettable experience or if you have any questions please contact us at