Environmental Education

Are you a teacher looking to get your kids outside and have them get their hands dirty?! Kinesthetic Learners will love their time at Lutherwood! Public and private schools are welcome!

The reasons for environmental education are endless and we would love for your students to come and learn all about the ways they can get involved by becoming part of the solution! As Lutherwood sits on over 100 acres of forest land, it goes without saying that we have exactly what is necessary to educate your students about the environment. Salmon spawn in our creek, the old growth forest is home to many critters, the soil is rich, the vegetation is abundant, and the hiking trails to explore these great things are numerous.                             

  • Lutherwood is proud to offer you and your students an outstanding experience in environmental education! Geared toward 5th graders, our 2-night, 3-day curriculum meets Washington State Learning Requirements in an engaging hands-on style. A low elements Challenge Course is built into the program, along with canoeing, hiking, games, campfires and skits. All components connect to the concepts learned on the first day, flowing together seamlessly. Find out more about how your students can discover the wonders of the world through natural exploration and scientific study in our remarkably affordable program!

Field Trips

  • Spend a day learning about the environment and each other.  Customizable program includes environmental education activities, service learning, and low/high challenge course elements.

Pricing varies, please contact us! 

Phone: 360-734-7652  

Email: program@camplutherwood.org Trek5