Family Camp

Family Camp is for people of all ages! This is the perfect opportunity for parents to bring their kids, grandparents to bring their grandchildren, or adults who are still kids at heart to join in the fun! Pick and choose from an array of guided and self-led activities each day to ensure your camp experience is one your family will remember fondly for ages.

Like other weeks at camp, Family Camp includes all the camp favorites like campfire, canoeing, and crafts. Unlike other weeks at camp your family is with you and you get to pick and choose how you want to spend that time.

Family Camp is all about choices:

  • Choose between a whole week or half week.
  • Bring the whole family, part of the family, or the extended family.
  • Take part in camp favorites or take time with your family.
  • Camp in a tent, bring an RV, or stay in a cabin.
  • Use Family Camp as an introduction to camp or continuation of camp.

Since 4th of July occurs during Family Camp this year you can also look forward to fireworks from our neighbors around the lake!