High Challenge Course

Spend a day on the High Course where the individual and group face and overcome fears. This provides an opportunity to experience the difference between control (the attempt to create safety through our own efforts) and trust (putting safety in the hands of someone or something else). There are a number of ways to shape your group’s experience. We will help you pick the elements that fit the needs of your group the best. These activities can be scheduled for a couple hours, a half-day, a full-day, or several days.

What we offer:

Hub and spoke: This is an individual experience with team support offered from the ground and from other participants on the course with you. The goal is to make your way around this elevated obstacle course.

Vertical Play Pen: Cooperative team element of a series of obstacles suspended between two trees. The goal is the reach the platform 40 feet in the air. The element can be done individually or with up to three climbers at the same time working together for the same goal.

Zip Line: Climb up to the top, step off, and feel the rush of sailing over your friends.

Climbing Tower: Climb up and down the tower using state of the art climbing holds. There is even an overhang for those of you who are skilled climbers. Come and encourage your friends as they show off their skills.

Leap of Faith:  Climb up to a platform, take a leap of faith and try to hold onto a trapeze.

Facilitators: All Lutherwood challenge course activities are led by trained facilitators in order to provide the best experience for your group. The challenge course facilitators aim to:

  • Enhance communication skills
  • Develop positive decision making
  • Teach conflict resolution
  • Promote trust
  • Teach leadership skills
  • Improve your group’s ability to work as a team
  • Build faith and spiritual growth (For groups that want this to be a part of their experience)